Zoho CRM, productivity, collaboration, and mobility tools


I’ve recently revisited – and been impressed with – Zoho CRM. During the last couple of years Zoho has evolved from a somewhat drab little app largely favored by individuals, largely based on “price” ( free), to a comprehensive and appealing suite of applications that can support small and medium size business (SMB). Zoho still has a free version, and like many other cloud “freemium” models, you can pay for more […]

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We don’t need no steenkin’ ACT! upgrade.


I got a call today from someone who wants a few new fields added to their ACT! contact management database  – version 6.O. Sage ACT!  is on version 14 now, but that’s okay because, as my caller said, everyone else is only “using ACT! like a Roledex, so I can’t get an ACT! upgrade approved.” Focusing on the task at hand, we sorted out how we could help customize ACT! with […]

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Why are your salespeople failing? Maybe it’s you.


Some people choose selling as a career and others have the role of selling thrust upon them. Yet, although sales skills can be learned, let’s face it: not everyone is cut out to sell. One way for management to address a high failure rate is to incorporate it into their hiring strategies. That keeps warm bodies coming in the door but is costly and fundamentally wrong-headed. If the only consequence […]

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What’s your number?

Google Voice Logo

Google Voice The phone number I now give out to anyone connected to my role at On the verge is my Google Voice phone number.  It’s a phone number you can get from Google. You can sign up for free. Instead of being permanently tied to a physical phone, it is tied to your Google Gmail account. You can also sign up for a phone number using your Google Apps […]

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