Zoho CRM Tutorial – Manage Related Lists

Organize Detail Lists

Lists you refer to most frequently in Zoho CRM can be moved to top of the related list area. The detail of all interactions with Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Potentials and other Zoho CRM modules are listed in the record detail area below the Notes section. These “Related Lists” appear in a preset order that you can change. For example, if Potentials, Quotes, and Email history are the details you refer to most often, then move […]

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Zoho CRM keeps innovating


Zoho Corp has  added breadth to their suite of application over the last couple of years, expanding to nearly 30 applications in 2013. The recent depth that’s been added to their flagship CRM product is an exciting development. Based on price, ease of use, and  capabilities, Zoho CRM has been a smart choice for the SMB market. It’s great to see them moving up-market to support the more complex requirements of the […]

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Tutorial – Reorganize Zoho CRM Tabs


Although Zoho CRM includes 18 different modules (Contacts, Accounts, Invoices, etc.) it’s possible that some may not be relevant to your business. Tabs (a/k/a Modules) can be repositioned or removed from the tab bar in any Zoho CRM edition; you’ll need administrator privileges to make the change. Here are the steps to reorganize your tabs. Go to Setup > Customize > Select Modules Click the Manage Modules Button. Select the […]

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Zoho CRM Tutorial – Send birthday greetings

[Edition Requirement: Zoho Enterprise] Here’s a quick tutorial on how to send annual birthday greetings (or warranty renewals, or anniversary wishes, or . . .?).  Have your email template set up and ready to go, then: Go to Setup > Automation > Workflow | Create Rule  Enter the basic information:     Click Next, then select a date field value as the “Execute based on” type. This expands the dialog so that you […]

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