Here’s how you fix outbound calling

Calling sales leads could be an outdated tactic. But I don’t think that the problem is that outbound calling doesn’t work – it’s that it’s usually done so poorly. When OBC doen’t work, there’s no shortage of finger pointing: a sales rep thinks  management is clueless about the effort it takes to set appointments; his manager thinks the sales rep isn’t making enough calls; they both think that the lead list […]

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Tips for Successful Lead Capturing

Define a Lead Capture Process

Lead capturing optimization So, you’ve got a website that’s optimized for search; your analytics show that there’s traffic, but the traffic isn’t translating into sales. What’s up? It could be as simple as fixing crappy lead capturing forms. Lead capturing is an essential element in online marketing. It may look like a small step in the process but it’s not. You need data from people who are interested in your products or […]

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Sales and Marketing Alignment for Fun and Profit

Sales and Marketing Alignment According to an Aberdeen study, companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve 20% more in annual revenue, while companies that don’t realize a 4% decline. That’s a huge gap, but one that’s easily fixable: Sales and Marketing share goals to close sales. At HubSpot, a rapidly growing marketing software company, Sales and Marketing don’t just share the same goals – they share the same space. The […]

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As big a disaster as Nemo? Nearly.


Yesterday morning I had165 blog articles.  This morning I had zero. Over two and a half years of effort in writing CRM, email marketing, and inbound marketing articles – the foundation of our content marketing and customer resources – just gone. The morning started with a dire warning that three feet of snow and 75 MPH gusts are barreling down on us. Our governor issued an executive order to close all […]

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