Dan Sissors is a retired Ph.D. scientist and full-time geek. He blogs at danlovesguitars.com, dansissors.com and occasionally here where he writes about technology.

Net Neutrality and the State of the Internet

OR Why your internet speed sucks and isn’t likely to get better. Among the most powerful groups opposing net neutrality regulations are the companies that bring you the internet. AT&T Cox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and nearly 20 other companies sent a letter to the FCC where they gave the argument that they wouldn’t invest in upgrades to their networks – they wouldn’t innovate – if regulations forced them to […]

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Why is it so Difficult to Communicate?

Most of us think of ourselves as good communicators. If there is a problem, it’s the person on the other end of the conversation, not us. However, most of the time we don’t even think about the difficulties in communication. We just presume everything we say (write, email, tweet, …) is understood just the way we intended. And, usually, we think that we’ve perfectly understood what we’ve been told or […]

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Understanding Your Customers

FInd the needs of your Customer

Do you understand the needs of your customers? The success of your business depends on understanding and meeting the needs of your customers. But how do you go about doing that? It shouldn’t be that difficult – but companies consistently manage to make it harder than it should be. Recent news has reminded me that large companies can make big mistakes by not understanding what their customers need, expect, or want to […]

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Free SEO Tools for WordPress

yoast seo

You’re either using WordPress or considering using it for your website or blog. Right? It isn’t the only solution for managing a modern website that attracts viewers, but it is one of the best. One the reasons WordPress is so good is because there are many themes and plugins (including these free SEO plugins) that you can add to extend the power of the software. And although you might need some […]

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