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Business and Leadership

How to lead, follow, or get out of the way!

Surviving Tough Times: 100 Entrepreneurs Share Their Tips


These last few years have been turbulent for almost everyone. Kudos to those who have managed to stay afloat. here’s how owners and entrepreneurs in the small business community have managed to stay keep their heads above water, and even thrive. (Similar to Alan Simon’s “OK, now what?” mantra, my spin on dealing with challenges is, “So what, now what?”). . . . Read Surviving Tough Times

Sales and Selling

Selling as if people matter

The Abusive Math of Cold Calling

From our friends at Duct Tape Marketing, here’s an insightful article about the value – or lack thereof – of cold calling. “Cold calling results in about a 1-3% success rate for getting an initial appointment and it’s generally abusive to both parties.” Why cold call when warm calling and referrals produce much better results? Instead of interrupting people, maximize your selling efforts and foster relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Read more . . . Math of Cold Calling

Ya’ Think?

From the On the verge blog

Mobile Marketing – Can 6 billion people be wrong?


Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that the number of mobile Internet users will exceed desktop Internet users by 2015. Will you be ready? If you’re using email as part of your marketing communication strategy, you need to understand how this will affect your ability to connect to your target audience. . . . Read at Mobile Marketing

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Tech Toolkit

Apps and services, gadgets and gizmos

High Satisfaction Rates Support a Bright Future for Tablets – Source eMarketer

Tablets have seen a lot of hype since 2010’s launch of the iPad, but the excitement may be justified, according to research on consumer satisfaction with the devices. According to December 2010 research from The NPD Group, current tablet owners are highly satisfied with their devices. More than two-thirds expressed satisfaction with the internet browsing and email experiences on their tablet, and 60% said the same of social networking. About three in 10 were . . . Tablets

How to use your tablet and Google+ as a remote training tool – Source TechRepublic

Over the years, video conferencing has gained traction among professionals of all kinds, from executives to consultants. Providing more screen real estate than a smartphone, but with more mobility and easier accessibility than a laptop,
tablets are perfect for this function. While there are . . . Read it at Remote Training Tool

Tweeps and Peeps

Social media, demystified

LinkedIn Tips and Tricks To Get 500+ Contacts

LinkedIn is the one social media channel that any serious business professional should use. Here are some inside tips on how to set up and use LinkedIn for maximum benefit. 500+ Contacts

How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers

Want insights into the twittersphere? HubSpot has a great introductory article that’s helps demystify hashtags (these guys: #). Fundamentally, “A Twitter hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream …” Unravel the mysteries of twitter, learn best practices, and understand how to avoid messages that come back to bite you! If you’re thinking about tweeting as part of your marketing efforts, this article is a must read. Understanding hashtags

The Media Room

Publications for business and personal growth

iTunes Podcasts from Copyblogger

Management and Marketing: Online Marketing Expertise from . . . Podcasts from Copyblogger

Internet Marketing for Smart People tells you the straight story about marketing online. Check out internet Marketing for Smart People Radio Using Topics like PR, Twitter, Blogging, Email Marketing. Internet Markeing for Smart People

Announcements and Whatnot

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