Three great productivity tools keep you organized


This is productivity software that is – dare I say it – positively life altering.



Lets be honest, our internet lives are not getting simpler anytime soon, so how can we make sense, and keep track, of it all? Consider these three solutions that will help create order out of the mountains of information you manage on a daily basis.



evernote-helps-you-organize-your-life-and-your-cloudEvernoteB.E. (before Evernote) the world was a swamp of missing receipts, sticky notes, missed connections, mislaid documents, lost web addresses, and brilliant ideas that went “poof” .
A.E. (after Evernote): Websites clipped and saved, documents saved and organized, inspirations captured and cataloged, images stored, audio recorded, notes saved and tagged, task lists created, folders imported, recipes saved, shopping lists created, itineraries logged. Access it anywhere!

Get Evernote if you:

  • struggle to get and stay organized
  • want to increase sales productivity
  • share notes, documents, and media with friends, coworkers, or customers
  • want to have the details of the last sales order on hand for your presentation
  • want product specifications at hand
  • don’t want to forget a great idea (or even a not so great one)

If you want to get you or your small and medium business organized, go to


Another can’t-live without-it tool is LastPass. This brilliant on-line password manager maintains your passwords, fills out forms, synchronizes across multiple browsers, creates strong and highly encrypted passwords for you, and let’s you access your data anywhere. The only password you’ll need to remember is the one to access this service. Go to


LastPass has recently aquired Xmarks, which allows you to sync your bookmarks across web browsers and keeps them backed up and in sync.

They support Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari (Mac OS). Sign up at

There are free and premium versions of each of these products.


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  1. Sales Skills says:

    Great post! The most successful business owners and professionals effectively use tools to manage their time, space and information.Being productive and optimizing the way I use my time is something that I love doing. Experimenting with ideas that free up my time so that I can pursue what I love as well as savor and build my relationships is a personal goal for me. I’m a huge advocate of time management. I believe if we had our time in order.Our homes,lives and jobs would be in working order, and the things in our life would not be overwhelming. When we prioritize things in our lives it helps us achieve the big goal. It weeds out the stuff that clogs our lives.

  2. Thanks for your comments. This is a constant, ongoing struggle for me and I love sharing tools that free up time and mental clutter.

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